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My Mission

I am on a mission is to help transform entrepreneurs, business leaders and high level performers so that that they reach their highest possible level. This will entail using strategies, knowledge and experiences from my toolbox encompassing body, mind and heart. Most important is that each person finds their path and way to success.

“Bob Choat has been a valuable coach to me in helping to grow my skills as a business woman and keynote speaker. Bob has a unique ability to plant the seed and help nurture it to fruition. His kindness, patience and business acumen combined, is the perfect recipe for creating client success. I highly recommend Bob as an invaluable coach to help transform your mindset, actions, and ultimately your success. “

-Dr. Lori Shemek, author of How to Fight FATflammation and Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!

“I have gained more confidence and taken action on my dreams and goals. Because of Bob’s coaching, I have started another business venture and authored by my first book, “Yelp Secrets.”

-Curtis Yang
America’s #1 Local Business Makeover Expert

“Bob’s motivational style of actionable coaching has helped me to do the things I’ve thought about doing for years. First, a book and 2nd, creating fitness videos. I will always be grateful for his help.”

-Jason Scott Johnson
Celebrity Personal Trainer, Martial Arts Expert and Actor

FREE REPORT: 5 Rituals to Happiness and Fulfillment!

FREE REPORT: 5 Rituals to Happiness and Fulfillment!

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