February 1, 2015



Growth Through Adversity


This past week has had its ups and downs. I think we all go through this. Facing anything from being criticized to failure can either make us or break us. For me, I choose the former rather than the latter. One of the things I learned in the Marines was to learn how to be miserable and thrive off of it. Even then, not every Marine was able to handle it. Heck, I remember back in boot camp of how some of my fellow recruits would cry for home. There was even a recruit who shot himself.


From what I’ve learned about the top performers is that every single one of them got there from facing some sort of adversity. They probably faced it over and over again. Each time they grew stronger.

If you believe you’re going to be an overnight success, then you’re an idiot. If you think you can be successful by taking the easy route, then be my guest. Because, the truth is that only through grit and determination over a period of time will one meet true success. Most people will never reach it. Whenever I hear of the actor who became and overnight success, I’d probably would see a background of hard work over years to get there. They may have taken a lot of bit parts, worked in restaurants (or some other job) and endured countless auditions. They most likely took many classes to hone their skills.


It’s not just actors that go through this process. Entrepreneurs, artists, top lawyers and doctors, writers and so forth have paid their dues. They gave up a lot to get what they wanted.

If you fell on your face when going after what you want, embrace it. Give each failure a BIG THANKS! You know when you fail and learn what not to do, then you grew. When you discovered through learning from others after you failed, you grew. When you asked for help when you needed it, you grew. You’re an idiot if you try to go at it alone. Don’t!

Set yourself up for success by going through the challenges of life. It’s not easy. It’s hard work. Sure, you can find an easier path. This only happens when you go through the adversity first and then adjust to find a better way. When people say don’t work so hard, that is not true. You’ve got to work and work at what you love.


When you have successes and failures, don’t identify with either one. Take them for what they are. One is telling you the path not to take and the other that you’re on the right road.

Now, face the adversities, fears and challenges in your life and go for it. GROW!


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January 28, 2015


Do You Really Want to Get Fit? It’s Your Choice


Each one of us will make a decision. Even if you believe you don’t you are. That includes whether or not you want to exercise. You’re choosing right now to read farther in this post. Your choices eventually becomes your habits. You are the one that created each of your habits. If you’re sitting down […]

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January 24, 2015


Change Your Beliefs About Yourself to Change Your Potential

Silhouette of a man on a rock , at sunset, with the arms wide open.

One of the most profound books I’ve come across is Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. In it she describes the two mindsets. One being the fixed mindset and the other the growth mindset. What if you can cultivate your skills, talents and even your intelligence to increase? In my own life […]

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January 19, 2015


Are You Stuck Due to the Constraints in Your Life?


Whenever we try to reach a dream or goal, something stops us from attaining it. It could be a belief or lack of determination. There may be other things happening. Most of the reasoning comes from the limitations we have at a certain point. Our behavior can be one of those limitations. Anything that limits […]

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January 16, 2015


3 Keys to Getting Unstuck to Move Forward


Life brings to us many challenges. I’ve stated this many times in past posts. When we’re working towards something and strive to overcome obstacles, they can become overwhelming. When we’re at our emotional worst, we may feel stuck and can’t go any further. This happens to the best of us. I can certainly attest to […]

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January 11, 2015

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Growth Hacking Your Life


To borrow a term relegated to the engineered marketing world called “growth hacking”, I will begin this article. In that realm, growth hackers use the best means necessary (and at the lowest possible cost) to ensure growth of their business entity. Instead of using traditional means to grow a business, the growth hacker wants to […]

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January 5, 2015


Create Your Personal Mantra for Fitness Success


Mantras have been used by Buddhist monks for eons. It’s simply a word or chant used in a meditative state. It works because the repetition of saying something in this way tends to embed into one’s subconscious mind. Too many times we may repeat a negative mantra while in a quasi-hypnotic state create by our […]

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January 2, 2015


Writing a New Fitness Book for the Over 40 Crowd…


Over the course of the last year I’ve toiled on writing a new book on optimal fitness for those over 40-years-old. It’s a challenge since there are so many books on the market. Here’s the thing, while I have a lot of knowledge, I want to make sure it’s what you guys want. I believe […]

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December 31, 2014


A New Year: Looking Back, Moving Forward and Growing Stronger


As we end one year and move into the next one, we think about the transitions that take place. Today offers us an opportunity to reflect on what we left behind as we prepare for what lies ahead. Over the course of the next 365 days you and I will have an opportunity to grow […]

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December 29, 2014


Are You a Resolution Failure?


Every January 1st it’s the same thing, many people will set resolutions towards what they believe they want to happen. They’ll get started and then, BOOM!… They self-destruct in a short period of time.  While there are those very few that are able to realize their resolution goals, most do not. Come December, those same […]

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