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My interview on Gregg Swanson’s Warrior Mind Podcast… Go to

My recent interview by Linda Belzile Buisson…

My interview (November 2016) on Inner Success Radio on “What’s a peak performance mindset?” It’s also on iTunes and iHeart Radio…

Here’s an interview I did in August, 2015 on School for Startups Radio:

Interview (October 2016) with Magic Brad on his show, SynergyCafe:

My February 2015 interview on The Best Life Show:

A December 2014 interview on the top rated Best Ever You Show:

Mentioned in this article on 5 Tips for Starting an Employee Fitness Program by Stephanie Christensen


Author of a featured 3-page article in the Spring 2014 edition of Bizsu Magazine on Paleo Fitness and Mindset…

Another article on self-confidence came out in the Summer 2014 edition of Bizu Magazine as well…

I was happy to have been on the Mia Connect Show awhile back:
My appearances on Susan Irby’s Bikini Lifestyle at TalkRadio 790KABC …


June 24, 2012
Amadeus at the Grill!
June 2, 2012
December 24, 2011
Wilson Creek Winery, 370Common, Bob Choat

Regular Guest on Tom Matt’s Boomer’s Rock Radio Show:
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The Weekly Fitness Challenge written up in the Knoxville News Sentinel…showing the Executive Team…including Bob Choat.

2011 interview with Noel Lyons:

Bob Choat & Noel Lyons – Mental Fitness… by noellyons

HMI WebTV Interview Part 1

HMI WebTV Interview Part 2

My October 22, 2002 radio interview on The Inside Success Show with host Randy Gilbert (aka: DrProactive)…