July 3, 2014



Finding Meaning in Your Workouts to Help Sustain Growth


For many years I’ve talked about finding your “reason why” for exercising. This has worked pretty well for many people. Yet, one’s reason why is still superficial. Sure, losing weight to attend your high school reunion is a goal to go after. It’s simply not sustainable.

Viktor E. Frankl described his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, of how mankind is stuck in neurotic, self-centered behavior. Yet, we’re also looking for a deeper meaning of why we are here. People think they are looking for meaning in what they do, except much of it is without substance. So, you want to have a meaningful relationship, right? That is another example of something that is surface oriented. There is no real meaning to wanting something meaningful in this case.

Regarding your workouts, the finding meaning is a key to help you to truly move forward in real fitness. Most people seem to start a fitness program because it’s something they have to do. While this may work in the very short term, it’s not sustainable in the long term. Even a “reason why” has no deep meaning.

Finding that deeper meaning is important to help drive you to lifelong fitness. Once discovered, then you can use that as a real reason why. Instead of some external goal, you’ll be training based on something intrinsic. Sure, getting a 6-pack may be cool and look good, but that’s not internally driven. There’s no real meaning. In fact, I remember one guy years go at a gym I trained at who went around showing off his abs. He was so into them and when someone didn’t have an “OOOO” or “AH” moment over them, it would drive him crazy! At times he would get mad and other times he’d cry. That was sure one neurotic person.

In order to find meaning in your workouts, you will need to challenge yourself through questioning. Ask yourself some of these questions (and any others you can think of)…

  • Why do I workout?
  • What is my purpose for getting fit?
  • What is the meaning of health and fitness for me?
  • Besides some superficial reason, what is my real reason why I want to get healthy and fit?
  • Do I set myself as an example when I workout regularly?
  • Can I be responsible for my well-being in a truly loving way?

Please add more questions.

You may even want to ask older people who are extremely unhealthy and at the end of their life that if they knew the outcome, would they have taken better care of themselves earlier?  Sometimes we can gain an insight from the pain and suffering in others to help find meaning.

I wish you a wonderful journey into fitness and meaning.


Bob Choat, “Transformational Master Black Belt” Black_belt.svg-sm
America’s #1 Mind-Body Transformation Expert and author of Mind Your Own Fitness

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July 1, 2014


Going From External Chaos to Self-Awareness to Gain Health


My life was not always healthy and fit. There was a time when I was focused on business and making money.  External things became a way of life for me.  I was lost.  I put on some unhealthy weight.  Stress and anxiety was my norm.  Prior to those days I was more focused on my […]

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June 29, 2014


Your Emotional-Physical State and Map Leads to the Decisions You Make


Alfred Korzybski came up with the idea of one’s mental map and how it leads to our behaviors.  He explained that “the map is not the territory.”  This concept became a foundation for various therapies, including rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) and neurolinguistic programming (NLP).  Each of us has a map that represents our reality.  […]

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June 26, 2014


Getting Fit is Not a “Someday” Process…


Some of my friends have told me that someday they will get fit. One of them specifically said that she needs a better place to live. Another said that he doesn’t have the money for a gym membership. Still another mentioned that she has no time to workout. Someday each of them may get fit. […]

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June 24, 2014


The Five Pillars to Effective Learning


As I’ve grown older my desire to learn has increased.  Learning to me is living.  When I say learn, it’s not the accumulation of knowledge.  More important is the practical application of the knowledge which I’ve gathered.  That is learning (or know-how).  Until and unless I’ve grasped that concept, then I haven’t learned anything. There […]

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June 22, 2014


Taking Control of Your Mental State in Order to Win!


I watched the U.S. Women’s Open Golf Championship today and Michelle Wei winning her first major championship. In fact, for women in golf, this is the top championship. At the 16th hole Michelle Wei had a double boggie. Prior that she had a comfortable 3 shot lead over runner-up Stacy Lewis. Going into the 17th […]

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June 20, 2014


Bringing Back the Human Side in Tools, Technology and Life

A businessman working on a touch screen.

Most of my life I’ve been into techie stuff.  I simply love new technology and the wonders they bring.  Today it seems that there’s a new thing that has come about. Technology is advancing ever faster.  I remember when the first calculators came out. Prior to that I was using a slide rule or abacus […]

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June 17, 2014


Four Pillars to True Happiness


Happiness is something many people strive for in life. The problem is that happiness should not be somewhere out there. The more you search for happiness, the less you’ll find of it. Other than having enough money to live comfortably, happiness is pretty much an internal factor. I’ve already mentioned quite a bit about happiness […]

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June 15, 2014

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3 Keys to Mental Mastery


The greatest of the great were able to master their minds before mastering anything else. Whether it came from a belief about themselves or some other source, they still had control. What made Muhammad Ali great as a boxer wasn’t his skills. It was his belief and his mental control. I know that many people […]

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June 12, 2014


The Frames That Control Our Behavior and Actions


A recent article posted in LinkedIn regarding frames and the crisis at General Motors (GM) caught my eye.  In it the author described how the wrong frames led to the behavior taken by both the engineers and management at GM.  Frames are how people represent, interpret and simplify reality.  Each person has a set of […]

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