September 25, 2014



Apply Yourself Towards Your Goals and It’ll Become Easier


Applied effort starts out hard in most instances. Yet, the momentum that you started with increases with the amount of effort you give. Eventually, that effort becomes easier. This is a simple rule of physics and of muscular endurance. When you push a car, it is hard until motion takes place. Once the wheels turn over and the car speeds up, pushing it becomes much easier.

Another example comes from an isometric exercise. Put your arms in a relaxed position by your side. Stand between a doorframe. Place the back of your hands against the doorframe and push as hard as you can for a count of thirty.

Step forward and away from the doorframe. Relax your arms and shoulders, letting your arms do what they want to do. You’ll notice your arms rise up without any effort on your part.

What we do in life is the same way. The more effort we put into it, the more we will get back. Here’s the thing, make sure to put in the “right effort.” When you take the wrong action, you’ll only move towards what you don’t want. I’ve seen people exercise in the wrong way and it shows through muscle imbalances and even injury. Yes folks, there is a right way and wrong way to exercise or move your body.

Think about the efforts in your life. If you simply took the right ones now and put your all into them, that how much easier it will be for you later?

You may need a mentor, a coach, a consultant to help you move forward. If you’re more self-motivated, then some other learning tool can help. This includes book, audios and videos. You can find someone who has taken the path and succeeded where you’re starting out. Discover how they did it and then duplicate it.

Thomas Edison was quite determined and succeeded when he created a working light bulb. Yes, he put in a lot of effort and it paid off. Yet, had he known that years earlier that another inventor did many of the same steps that Edison did, that effort would have been easier. Each of us can learn from others, including their mistakes.


Still, no matter the path another has taken, you’re going have to apply some effort in order to create momentum. Nothing can take the place of action. I hand the ball to you. It’s up to you to do something with it in order to reach your dreams and goals. Move it and keep moving it until it becomes easy and seems to move on its own.


Bob Choat, “Transformational Master Black Belt” Black_belt.svg-sm
America’s #1 Mind-Body Transformation Expert and author of Mind Your Own Fitness

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September 21, 2014

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Creating Your Inner Mastermind Group of Mentors


I recently had a chat with a friend of mine regarding a mastermind she’s attending.  Napoleon Hill made the concept famous when he described it in his 9th Step towards getting rich.  A mastermind is simply a group of people coming together of two or more people and using the combined knowledge, experience and creative […]

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September 17, 2014


Being More Mindful in Eating and in Life

beautiful young woman smelling fresh green apple

I’ve written a few times about mindfulness and as the year of the mindfulness revolution winds down, mindfulness itself will keep going. With the latest stats on obesity increasing, it’s time we bring mindfulness more into the mix to help stave off the worldwide issue. Most people are engaging in mindless activities which also leads […]

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September 14, 2014


7 Things That Get in the Way of Willpower to Achieve Success


For years I’ve worked with clients who had thought that willpower would help them succeed in whatever they do.  While it does work, it’s not sustainable.  Willpower is sort of like a piece of candy that gives you that instant feel good sensation.  It may last for a bit, but it dies down not long […]

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September 12, 2014


It’s Your Attitude in Learning That Leads to Your Aptitude in Life


I remember a Zig Ziglar quote years ago that said “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”  While this is true, it can be said that one’s attitude also will determine their aptitude when it comes to learning.  Learning is a process and what each of us brings into it will lead us […]

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September 10, 2014


Going From Knowing to Know-How: Generating Thoughts into Action


I remember hearing many times the famous quote by French philosopher and mathematician Rene Decartes, “I think, therefore I am.”  While it’s true that we can become something through our thoughts, it’s only part of the equation.  We think in school (at least a percentage does).  There are many people who think. The problem is […]

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September 8, 2014


Breakthrough the Mental Challenges That Hold You Back


Everyone one of us may have faced obstacles that keep us from moving forward. It happens to even world class athletes, millionaires and the average person. I know I’ve faced many challenges in life and lost. I also went back to them and refused to quit until I won. I realized it wasn’t the challenge […]

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September 3, 2014


5 Ways to Living More Mindfully Every Day


2014 is the year of mindfulness and was featured in Time Magazine.  Even though our ancestors of the distant past did just this for the most part, we’ve seemed to have lost this treasure.  Being caught of the pressures of modern society, being mindful is happening less and less. Sure, experts have preached of its […]

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September 1, 2014


10 Ways to Help Eliminate the Emotional Stress in Your Life


Driving on the freeways of the Los Angeles area can be pretty tough and stressful.  This is especially true during rush hour.  Sometimes I wonder how so many people can drive in traffic for hours a day.  This stress is wrecking havoc upon them.  Then when they get to work, they have to deal with […]

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August 29, 2014


The Insider’s Secrets to a Stronger Foundation and Core


In almost every single sport, building a strong foundation is important to sustaining success.  Once I grasped in my younger days in the martial arts, my techniques improved.  So did my fighting abilities.  If you look at the best fighters, they use all of their foundational and core strength to deliver a knock-out punch. My […]

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