January 19, 2015



Are You Stuck Due to the Constraints in Your Life?


Whenever we try to reach a dream or goal, something stops us from attaining it. It could be a belief or lack of determination. There may be other things happening. Most of the reasoning comes from the limitations we have at a certain point. Our behavior can be one of those limitations. Anything that limits us is called a constraint.

It’s certainly true that each one of us will have constraints in one area of life. If you’re five feet tall and over 60, you probably have a constraint on becoming a professional basketball player. If you have an IQ of 60, you may have a constraint on becoming a nuclear physicist. Again, each one of us possess a certain amount of constraints.

Those examples aside, the one constraint that truly stops us is the belief we have in ourselves and/or our ideas. When we let others dictate what we should do or not do when it comes to our dreams/goals/ideas and listen to them, we have let a constraint come into our life.

Sure, there are times when constraints are necessary. Even our minds can get overwhelmed due to too much coming into it. We need to constraints to stop the flow. We also need constraints when we don’t possess the necessary talents, skills and personality to do this or that. Yet, we can bring in others to overcome those constraints. That is a reason the top people in the world work with a team. No success has ever, truly been accomplished alone.


Before moving forward, you’ll need to identify the constraints in your life that has prevented you from accomplishing what you want.

Your constraints may be among these…

  • Perfectionism
  • Lack of confidence
  • Indecision
  • No imagination or vision
  • Inability to focus
  • Distractions (a big one in today’s world)
  • Negativity
  • Too much information
  • Not enough of the right information
  • Lack of needed skills
  • Fear and paranoia
  • Feeling defeated
  • Procrastination
  • Over analyzing

Think of your life as system and the system is stuck. You’ll need to identify what constraint in that system you’ll need to bust through in order to get the system back into flow.


Look at the actions you take and the behaviors you engage in. This could even be inaction. Let me suggest that you use a journal and write down what you do each day. That way you may be able to identify behaviors that lead to your personal system not working effectively.

Use this with planned action. Eventually you’ll work through your system, locating your constraints, and move through them. What you’ll probably do is to insert the right behavior in place of the constraint.


I can tell you that it will take some work on your part. Nothing worthwhile is ever, truly easy. Yet, when you do identify your constraints and overcome them, life will start to become easier for you.


Bob Choat, “Transformational Master Black Belt” Black_belt.svg-sm
Growth Hacker
Life Hacker
America’s #1 Mind-Body Transformation Expert and author of Mind Your Own Fitness

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January 16, 2015


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January 11, 2015

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January 5, 2015


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January 2, 2015


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December 31, 2014


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December 29, 2014


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December 25, 2014


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Merry Christmas to all of my followers… I’m posting the controversial film, The Interview, so all can watch. Maybe as an act of defiance towards the North Korean government or simply just to help spread the word of this movie… Please enjoy it today… Thanks! Cheers, Bob Choat

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December 22, 2014


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December 19, 2014


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